Human Righters Club 

We are a group of human rights students. For us human rights really matter. We want to organize alternative, non-formal events regarding human rights and activism. We are open for suggestions. 

Join us on the facebook, follow our events and participate:

Contact by email:
Arman Gharibyan

Emma Varnagy

Maria Garaki

Salome Guibreteau


The CEU International Football Club 

Tired of sitting and studying all day? Ready for some team sports with active CEU students from all over the world?
Come join us and play football with the CEU International Football Club!
We meet once a week - Sundays at the moment - to play some balls, have a little game and score some goals.

Check our Facebook group to be up to date, join us on the football pitch and bring friends along:

Contact by email:

Ann-Kathrin Beck


Roma Research Group  

The Roma (Research) Club is a multi-disciplinary forum of academic exchange for students and faculty, a University-wide platform for research on Roma. We are planning to hosts regular seminars during which the work of our club members can be discussed.

Contact by email: 
Simona Torotcoi 


SPP Media Club  

SPP Media Club hosts regular, free film screenings for CEU students and community members.  It connects students with their peers and Faculty members and engages them to share opinions and experiences through the medium of film and photography.

Contact by email:
Petronela Antip