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The Student Union aims at supporting CEU Student Clubs, Research Groups and other student groups' projects.


Supported Events and Projects

Intercultural Festival

Spring Ball

Open Mic



How to apply?

If you wish to register a club and apply for funding, please read carefully the guidelines below and completing the funding packet attached below. You are also encouraged to ask the help of your student representatives, who were elected by each faculty at the beginning of the academic year. 

Where is the application form?

You can find more information about registering groups in the Registration Process for Student Clubs. The SU Funding Application document also includes the detailed rules and regulations of student club funding. You can download both forms below.

When do we decide about the funding?

The Student Union Board will make decisions about the funding of clubs continuously throughout the year, and will keep accepting new applications until the whole budget for student clubs was spent. This means that there is a first come first serve basis for funding. The faster you apply, the bigger the chance is for that there is still enough money in the budget for your club. The Student Union Board will start making decisions about funding requests from 26 November, Thursday.

Please keep it in mind that some modifications were made to the Funding Packet in 2013. The 2013 Funding Packet includes stricter rules on the deadlines for returning invoices about student club spendings. You must return all invoices to the Student Life Office within 5 working days, in order to get reimbursed.

Please take your time to read the updated version of the Funding Packet and also the Registration Packet!